How to call anyone using AI
Learn to use AI agents for efficient phone calls and real-time transcripts using, a no-code solution. Say goodbye to long hold times and explore the possibilities of automation.

You may have seen this video on Twitter:

In the video, I talked about how United Airlines lost my luggage and instead of waiting on hold for 5+ hours like the night before, I used an AI agent to call United Airline for me. The AI agent spoke with the operator, pressed all the buttons to redirect itself to the correct department, waited on hold for nearly 3 hours, and then gave me a transcript of the call to give me information about where my lost luggage was located.

What is an AI agent?

An AI agent is an AI algorithm that makes decisions autonomously. In this case, the AI agent can make a phone call for any objective that you provide it.

How to call anyone using AI

In this tutorial, I’ll be showing you the simplest way to call anyone using AI. We’ll be using a no-code AI app builder. It’s called Respell. allows us to create complex AI apps, workflows, and automations in seconds. They have a Bland Phone Call block we can build with. home page

When you sign into Respell, click “New Spell” in your dashboard. This should bring you into the editor page. Find Bland Phone Call block in the Speech Models and click on it to bring it into the editor.

The Bland Phone Call block on the Respell Dashboard

This Bland Phone Call block takes in two inputs: a phone number and an objective. It has one output: transcript. This is a live transcript shown on the spell page when you run the spell.

The build out workflow with the Bland Phone Call block AI agent

To use the Bland Phone Call block, we can attach two input blocks (one named phone number, another named objective) and an output block called transcript. When we click “preview”, we can test the spell with any phone number and objective!

💡 You can make the input blocks have a “fixed value” input that cannot be changed by the user!

This is what our spell page looks like:

The spell page to run the Bland Phone Call AI agent to call anyone for anything!

You can play with it here:

And that’s pretty much it! Using this tutorial, you can use the Bland Phone Call block on Respell to build an AI agent that makes phone calls for you in literally minutes. If you want to expand your AI powers even more without using code, I suggest checking out The other model blocks on the spell editor are just as powerful :)

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