Using AI to help you focus on what matters

We believe people should spend time solving problems that matter to them - not the busy work that gets in the way.
Our Mission
Making work more human
Modern work can be a drag - switching between tools, sending emails, making calls, updating databases... you know the rest. AI can automate these tasks, helping you focus on the creative, strategic, and decision-making work your business needs.
Our Values
Built for everyone
At Respell, we all have a few things in common:
  • We build fast and well
    Velocity is in our nature, and we keep the bar high for our user experience.
  • We care about our team
    Everybody performs at their best when they're cared for. We want the best for our teammates.
  • We expect results
    We hold ourselves to a high bar and expect to raise that bar by respectfully challenging and changing each other.
  • We're humble experts
    Ego is a path to mediocrity, and we don't take ourselves too seriously to miss the dumb ideas we need.

A message from our CEO & Founder

Doing work by yourself is becoming a choice.

My first professional job was data entry. I could never spend time on what really moved the needle. You had to do those jobs a few years ago; today, AI can do it for you. I've spent 10 years in AI/ML, and now we’ve finally arrived at the field's promise: actual intelligence. Doing tedious knowledge work yourself is now a choice, and we’re building Respell to help make that choice easier.

Matthew Rastovac

CEO, Respell AI


Respell is here to support you in work and life

Flexible PTO

Unplugging from work is essential. We offer flexible PTO and encourage you actually to use it!

Work from anywhere

We trust each other to complete our work regardless of where we are. We also have an office in San Francisco.

Work-from-home stipend

Need some new equipment to make your space sparkle? We give each employee a stipend to set up their space.


Premium coverage for health, dental, and vision to keep you in tip-top shape.

401k matching

Employer-sponsored 401k plans and matching.

Annual company-wide retreat

Get together for a little bit of planning and a lot of fun.

Competitive salaries

We pay fairly and competitively for early-stage companies.

Paid parental leave

We offer 12 weeks of fully-paid parental leave.

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