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AI automation for

Accomplish more in less time with Respell. Use AI to automate emails, qualify and manage leads, generate brand copy, screen applicants and more in minutes without code.

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Trusted by leading teams of all sizes
Most advanced
AI Automation platform
Automate powerful workflows
Respell leverages cutting-edge AI models from OpenAI, Anthropic, Cohere, and open source providers.
Prompt assistance
Respell provides powerful custom-built agents for research, phone calls, integrations, and more.
Integrate with hundreds of Apps
Connect Respell with popular platforms like Gmail, Notion, Slack, Airtable, Salesforce, and more.
Leverage AI to analyze, understand, and act on your data for smarter decision-making.
Use AI with Your Data
Respell ensures enterprise security with SOC II compliance, compliant models, and advanced PII & Prompt Injection Prevention.
Human in the loop
Run your Spells through Respell, embed them into your dashboards, schedule runs for later, or call them via our API.
Use Cases
Teams move faster and make fewer mistakes when there’s less busy-work. Let Respell take some of it off your hands.


Put lead generation, scoring, and outreach on autopilot so you can focus on closing deals.

  • Research and prioritize leads
  • Summarize daily pipeline activity
  • Personalize emails using CRM data
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Get Company LinkedIn Info
Outreach new contact
Make a cold call


Leverage AI to research, brainstorm, and craft content that better resonates with users.

  • Draft quality content in bulk
  • Create market maps
  • Generate high-impact SEO tags from a URL
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SEO-Optimized Article Generator
Brand Strategy Assistant
Blog Post to Social Media Posts

Product Development

Spend less time synthesizing data and focus more on building products users actually want

  • Update tickets and tasks across apps
  • Research users to find patterns
  • Summarize brainstorm or customer discovery notes
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Sync tickets with Linear
UX Research results analyzer
Brainstorm customer discovery notes


Optimize operational workflows for enhanced efficiency

  • Boost efficiency with a streamlined workflow for seamless task management.
  • Accelerate operational data processing through efficient bulk analysis.
  • Enhance communication by personalizing messages at key workflow stages.
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CS Feedback Analytics & Reporting
Confirmation Email for Appointment
Call Transcript Summarizer


Hire faster while also maintaining a great candidate experience

  • Daily summaries of hiring pipeline
  • Human-level resume screening in bulk
  • Personalized candidate emails at every step of the process
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Candidate Social Media Background Checker
Resume Scorer
Optimize Resume for Role
Enterprise Ready
Use Respell at Scale

App Triggers

Trigger your workflows to run when an event happens in your tools. Respell sits on top of your stack, keeping everything moving.

Bulk Runs

Run one-time batch jobs on a spreadsheet, populating columns with data from multiple spells at once.


Run your spells via our Spell API - embed your spells in your dashboard, product, and background services in 10 lines of code.

Cross team collaboration

Invite your team with granular permissions and share spells across your org. Never lose a critical workflow.

How it works?

Respell as your
Exceptional AI Employee!

Easily build spells with our intuitive no-code builder
Define steps, conditions, and actions with ease.
Connect with your tools and data
Integrate your favorite apps and data sources to create a cohesive and powerful automation ecosystem.
Set on autopilot
Deploy your workflows to run while you sleep
Set your workflows to run automatically, allowing you to focus on strategic tasks while ensuring operational efficiency.
Enterprise Ready
Enterprise-grade security and privacy
With built-in defense against modern AI attack vectors, SOC II compliance, and advanced security, governance, and compliance features – Respell has you covered.
What other's say


"90% less development time compared to coding AI"

With Respell, I built a business from what I thought was an impossible idea. It automated my workflow with no coding required. Now, I’m confident in my easy-to-use AI product. Discovering Respell brought my startup dreams to life.

Ahmad Taleb

CEO, Clear Casa
"Amazing personal AI workflow assistant!"

Respell dramatically accelerates our AI deployment. Before, we had to experiment with models via APIs. Now, as a Product Manager with Respell, I can iterate without engineer involvement. Our AI workflow is now as seamless as updating Figma designs.

Chris Stauffer

Product Manager, SqaurePeg
"Execution time has shrunk to mere minutes!"

Respell has revolutionized how quickly I can roll out AI solutions. What took weeks or months with or Zapier now takes mere minutes or hours. It’s a dream platform for visionaries non-coders, prioritizing user-friendliness.

Josh Huston

"Saves insane amounts of time"

What used to take us hours with custom code, or even no code tools like Zapier, now takes us a matter of minutes. The Respell platform is model agnostic and provides the newest and cutting edge modalities as soon as they come out

James Tucker

Software Engineer, Soona
"Test AI models and connect your data with ease!"

Respell allows me to quickly evaluate AI models for cost, speed, and performance. I can easily set up data connectors and customize logic to meet the specific needs of our various business lines. This agility in building and iterating on advanced AI models every few months brings significant business benefits.

Allen Chang

Head of Product, Pay It Forward
"Integrating Respell was like Neo first breaks into the Matrix, transforming raw code into vivid possibility!"

Respell's no-code platform makes developing custom solutions intuitive.Al-optimized SEO audits, automated research on client leads, and even voice assistants. Respell syncs with leading Al APls, allowing us to build quickly. Respell, thank you for making advanced Al so accessible and for shaping the future of work.

Tyler Fisk

Co-Founder, LightMagic AI

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