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AI automation for

Accomplish more in less time with Respell. Use AI to automate emails, qualify and manage leads, generate branded copy, screen applicants and more in minutes without code.

All-In-One Platform

Create magic from chaos

Effortlessly combine AI models, triggers, and apps into custom spells: AI-powered workflows that can work with your data, generate content, conduct research, and make decisions for you.

Build quickly and easily

Get started with ready-made spell templates or create your own spell from scratch in minutes.

Automate complex tasks

Make your workflows intelligent with AI agents that can conduct research, work with your tools in natural language, or even make phone calls on your behalf.

Set work on autopilot

Trigger your spells using events from other apps, schedule them on a timer, run them in bulk using data from a spreadsheet, and more.

Works With Your Tools
Work seamlessly with your existing tech stack
With integrations like Notion, Hubspot, Salesforce, Zapier, Google, and more, we’re designed to complement and supercharge your existing workflows.
Use Cases
Teams move faster and make fewer mistakes when there’s less busy-work. Let Respell take some of it off your hands.


Put lead generation, scoring, and outreach on autopilot so you can focus on closing deals.

  • Research and prioritize leads
  • Summarize daily pipeline activity
  • Personalize emails using CRM data
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Leverage AI to research, brainstorm, and craft content that better resonates with users.

  • Draft quality content in bulk
  • Create market maps
  • Generate high-impact SEO tags from a URL
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Product Development

Spend less time synthesizing data and focus more on building products users actually want

  • Update tickets and tasks across apps
  • Research users to find patterns
  • Summarize brainstorm or customer discovery notes
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Optimize operational workflows for enhanced efficiency

  • Boost efficiency with a streamlined workflow for seamless task management.
  • Accelerate operational data processing through efficient bulk analysis.
  • Enhance communication by personalizing messages at key workflow stages.
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Hire faster while also maintaining a great candidate experience

  • Daily summaries of hiring pipeline
  • Human-level resume screening in bulk
  • Personalized candidate emails at every step of the process
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Enterprise Ready
Enterprise-grade security and privacy
With built-in defense against modern AI attack vectors, SOC II compliance, and advanced security, governance, and compliance features – Respell has you covered.

Create magic with AI

Respell makes automation accessible to your entire team. AI doesn't need to be a buzzword.

Use Cases
Learn how teams are using Respell today
Get up to speed on AI with our blog, or view common templates to get started with ready-to-go Spell templates.

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